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Crystal X From Indonesia

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Let's Read their story About Crystal X

Mother Dheno Bekasi
I have no complaints on femininity, whiteness I have for years does not go away, after being introduced to Crystal X i try, initially worried because it itches, but it was only a cleaning process, now I lost my white ... Thanks Crystal X

Mrs. Shinta South Kalimantan
Sense of taste I've made every effort to keep it clean womanhood, but a variety of products I tried was the odor still can not be lost, after trying to Crystal X odor is gone, even the former is now not very watery, Crystal X asyyyik .....


Crystal X aphrodisiac of organic material and sulfur-containing plants, Antiseptic, oil vinieill. The material is compacted so that it can be used for cleaning tools into wanitahingga reproduction.
Natural Mineral Crystal X has the function of killing germs, mold and harmful bacteria that cause vaginal discharge, removing the dirt on the lining of the vaginal wall, preventing the growth of the cancer virus, remove odor, and neutralize the pH.

Crystal X anti-septic functions are reinforced with anti-septic substances contained in the betel leaf that has been known since the time of our ancestors for treatment of womanhood.
Seaweed extract in Crsyatl X provides nutrients to the skin layer of vagina becomes epital so soft and tender.

Mineral Crystal X viniel function flex and tighten vagina
Natural Crystal X 6 cm in length with a diameter of 1 cm with a smooth surface that is safe and comfortable to use for anyone as long as in accordance with the recommended instructions.

Efficacy Crystal X
  1. Crystal X Potent Killing germs, fungi and bacteria.
  2. Crystal X Capable of Activating and flex miss V.
  3. Crystal X Coping with odor
  4. Crystal X As Prevention and cure leucorrhoea.
  5. Crystal Clean X Completed crust and debris in membranes Miss V.
  6. Crystal X Will Increase sensitivity to the stimuli.
  7. Crystal X Can Heal irritation diselaput Miss V.
  8. Crystal X Strikes tejadinya Preventing gynecological cancer.

Positive effects after using Crystal X

Use of 1-7 days will be out dirt from the vagina and shape of each person is different, this was evidence that the vaginal cavity is dirty and needs cleaning, use pastii kept clean.
Clear liquid will come out the effect of intense itching, but this is simply because the clear liquid containing bacteria, continue to wear the itching goes away by itself.

The vagina will clean, no odor, fast and narrow so it will give you satisfaction and your partner.

Long-term use will not have negative effects because the Crystal X are designed to prevent organ disease and its use on the outside so as not to affect the internal organs.

Other Customer Testimonials
I have long had a complaint, if painful intercourse, I so rarely associated possible. Only 1 month. It turned out that after using Crystal X-related does not hurt anymore I penginnya even longer. My first winter with my husband now easily aroused by her husband, and is related to 3 times a week.
(Ms. Z ****** h in Bantul)

"I'm having symptoms of menopause, mensturasi not smooth, sometimes once every 2 months and if used to have pain. A week after using my femininity cystal X membranes more supple, more legit, the scent becomes more comfortable, my periods so smoothly again, and my husband happy and more creative. And if you touch does not hurt anymore "(Mrs. U * i, in Yogyakarta)

"I was one woman who has a husband who is fond of sex, perhaps because I have more than 40 years old and probably because of my female organs are not as young anymore, so my husband has a younger wife siri, Alhamdulillah after I secretly wear Crystal X, my husband finally feel at home at my house and forget about the wife sirinya because it may have a more narrow and pinched me. "
(Mother "no name" in Gorontalo)

"The day after I wore a white X Crystal clear, the husband of the more sticky."
(Mother Nurmiati in Takalar Sulawesi)

"Two days wear on the lining of the crust out of my womanhood. Husband want to continue like a sparring partner I usually always lost, now I continue to win."
(Mrs. Ira in Takalar Sulawesi)

"Itching in the lining of my womanhood to be cured and no longer wet. In my pants no longer yellow bemoda, related hot-added." (Mother Wian in Palangga Gowa, South Sulawesi)

"As my wife was happy to provide service to the husband, the husband does not have a chance to another heart. When having more feel good." (Mrs. D *** a in Yogyakarta)

"Many times a doctor discharge my wife has not been recovered. After 2 days using Crystal X, out gobs of white womanhood as cheese from my wife." (Mr. E **** n in Yogyakarta)

"Like the mouth, my femininity like teething again, so it can bite again."
(Ms. Y ** i in Yogyakarta)

Many years have not had children, pregnant after using Crystal X
(Ms. W *** t and 2 of his friends in Napier)

"Having sex more comfortable after using Crystal X"
(** Mother in Yogyakarta)

"After using Crystal X, ask my wife every night."
(Husband Mother R *** in Yogyakarta)

"After two days on Crystal X, came out in white dirt of my female organs. And while having my husband said my female membranes faster, better and more stable."
(Mrs. R *** in Bantul)

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